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Coronation Street: Joseph’s at hospital with Gemma and Chesney, but who’s looking after the quads, fans wonder

Who was babysitting the four children?

In last night’s episode of Coronation Street (Wednesday, November 29), Chesney and Gemma went with Joseph to the hospital.

They then found out that Joseph had been poisoned by the lavender tea that Gemma had given him.

Now, Corrie fans are all saying the same thing about Gemma and Chesney’s babysitting situation.

Gemma accidentally poisoned Joseph (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Joseph was poisoned

Last night, Joseph was still feeling poorly and told Ches and Gemma that he’d been sick in bed.

They told him to lie down and rest up on the sofa but his health soon declined in a shocking turn of events.

Complaining that his stomach hurt, Joseph soon passed out on the sofa as Ches and Gemma called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Bernie joined the worried couple as the doctor revealed that Joseph had been poisoned.

It wasn’t long before Gemma came to the conclusion that she’d been the one to poison Joseph.

She’d given him lavender essential oil to drink instead of lavender tea bag infusions.

Where were the quads? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans all ask the same question about the quads

With all of their family at the hospital with Joseph, Corrie fans are all asking where the quads were.

They have no idea who could’ve been looking after them whilst Joseph was being given medical attention.

One fan asked: “If Chesney and Gemma are at the hospital and her mother is in the café, who’s looking after the invisible quads?! Locked in the attic with Bertie?”

A second viewer said: “Who on Earth is looking after the quads whilst Chesney and Gemma are in A&E all day?”

Another fan wondered: “Where are the quads? Gemma never even mentions them. Absolutely ridiculous. Taking viewers for idiots. EastEnders is smashing it compared to Corrie.”

Will Joseph be okay? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie: What will happen to Joseph?

Now that the doctors know what Joseph was poisoned with they should hopefully be able to treat him more effectively. However, this doesn’t explain why Joseph was feeling ill before the poisoning.

What will happen to him? Is something else the matter with him? Will Ches and Gemma ever get to the bottom of what’s up?

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Joseph Is Rushed To Hospital | Coronation Street

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