Tony Bellew and Fred Sirieix looking annoyed

I’m A Celebrity: Tony Bellew tells Fred Sirieix to ‘chill out’ as tempers flare over who’s doing Bushtucker Trial

Marvin Humes had also wanted to do the trial, but Fred insisted…

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Last night on I’m A Celebrity (December 4), Fred Sirieix raised eyebrows as he absolutely insisted on doing the Bushtucker Trial – so will the row with Tony Bellew escalate tonight?

Reading a jungle laminate to everyone, Sam Thompson explained: “Hello everyone, I have a note. Today’s Trial is called the Celebrity Distressing Rooms. It is up to you to decide which celebrity takes part. One by one each celebrity should say if they want to do the Trial and why. Once everybody has spoken you can make the decision as a group, good luck.”

Immediately, Fred said: “I will go. I will go.”

Sam said: “You’ve got to stand up and explain why.” Fred said: “Because I haven’t done one yet. So, I’m going.”

Fred Sirieix looking annoyed
First Dates star Fred insisted on doing the Bushtucker Trial on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Tony Bellew unimpressed with Fred’s behaviour

Tony Bellew was having none of Fred’s shenanigans, though and told him: “Let’s just take our time and everyone have a little say of why they think they should do it before we just jump in and rush off. Chill out Freds,” he told him.

Fred wasn’t backing down, though. “I’m going to go. I want to go because I want to go and do my best to bring the stars, to bring stars back for you. If everybody agrees that I’m going, then we’re done.”

Tony said: “One at a time mate.”

He’s got to understand that he can’t just stand up and go: ‘Right, I’m going to do it.’

After Nella Rose said she’d like “a day off”, Marvin Humes stood up and said: “More than happy to do it, will do my best always.”

Josie Gibson chipped in: “Marvin and Fred haven’t done a Trial yet, so it’s basically…,” before Sam interrupted: “Shall we do rock, paper, scissors?”

“This camp has all been equal… it’s only fair I go,” Fred said. “If you want me to go, just say. Can you vote for me? Thank you. I am delighted.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Marvin said: “I was definitely up for doing it, but we just want to eat. Whoever is up for doing them should just crack on and do them. So yeah, the French man has spoken.”

Tony Bellew looking annoyed and Josie Gibson looking shocked on I'm A Celebrity
Tony Bellew offered to ‘have a word’ with I’m A Celebrity campmate Fred on Marvin’s behalf (Credit: ITV)

‘I can speak to him if you want’

Tony then offered: “Marv, you sure, did you want it?”

“I’m easy man, I’ll do one tomorrow,” the JLS star said. “You sure?” Tony asked. “I can speak to him if you want. He’s got to understand that he can’t just stand up and go: ‘Right, I’m going to do it.'”

“That’s not how it works,” Danielle Harold added.

I’m A Celebrity viewers react

Viewers felt much the same, with many picking up on Tony’s apparent dislike of Fred.

If Tony Bellew has a word with you, you’d definitely listen,” said one. Another said: “Tony is the only one that actually would stand up to Fred. The rest of them just [bleep] and gossip which is weird for grown adults but it is what it is.” A third added: “Please Tony, please ‘speak to’ Fred.”

Another added: “Tony does NOT like Fred.” “Tony cannot stand Fred and it’s hilarious,” another said. “I honestly think Tony is biting his tongue with Fred, I think he’s fed up with him,” said another.

As a result, it seems Tony’s fate as the King of the Jungle is sealed.

“Fred is an obnoxious control freak and Tony is the true King of the jungle,” one viewer concluded.

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