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All you need to know about how Entertainment Daily works

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Please see below details of editorial policies for Entertainment Daily, the UK-based news website specialising in TV, Soaps, Showbiz, Current Affairs and Lifestyle.

Ownership & Funding

Entertainment Daily is part of Digitalbox Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitalbox plc.

Our site is funded through the sale of advertising in and around the articles we write.

In addition to advertising, any commercial content is clearly marked as ‘Sponsored’ to ensure readers are not mislead in any way.

More information about the company, and its strategy and ownership structure can be found at our corporate site:

Fact-Checking Policy

Entertainment Daily takes fact-checking its stories seriously to ensure our readers know we are a site to be trusted.

— Our journalists fact check all their articles via multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

— Section Editors and Editor-in-Chief offer additional oversight / review on all sensitive stories for accuracy.

— We name our primary story sources where appropriate.

— Where necessary we seek confirmation and comment and offer Right of Reply to individuals covered in our articles and/or their PRs, agents or other representatives.

Ethics Policy

Entertainment Daily offers fair and accurate news reporting and our journalists are required to:

— Accurately report stories giving a true picture of events

— Ensure reporting is balanced and impartial

— Not mislead readers through omission

— Not take quotes out of context

Corrections Policy

Entertainment Daily strives to ensure its stories are accurate and will be happy to correct any factual mistakes which are brought to our attention. If you believe a story of ours is factually inaccurate, please contact us at [email protected]

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us regarding any editorial issue you can at [email protected]