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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Phil realises that Karen and Keanu kidnapped Albie

Phil gets the evidence he needs...

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In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, December 4), Karen hands over the ransom money to Kat in a bid to protect Mitch after he crashes his car into Harvey’s taxi.

However, Phil soon recognises the money as his own, realising that Karen and Keanu had something to do with Albie going missing.

But, what will Phil do now that he’s worked out the truth in EastEnders spoilers?

Phil looking suspicious on EastEnders
Phil gets his money back (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Phil gets the ransom money back

Over in Walford tonight, Phil starts to become suspicious when he sees Karen spending quite a bit of money in The Vic.

Mitch tries to confront Keanu over Albie’s kidnap but he fails to get through to him.

Angry, Mitch then jumps in his car and ends up crashing his vehicle into Harvey’s taxi.

Kat demands that Mitch hands over the money for the damages, but Karen later goes behind Mitch’s back and pays Kat back with the ransom money.

Having doubts about Karen’s innocence, Phil then looks at the money in detail and realises that they are his marked notes.

Sam soon gets involved and gives Phil more substantial evidence to support his claims that Karen and Keanu were responsible for Albie’s kidnapping. But, will he confront them?

Denise is back (Credit: BBC)

Denise returns back but tensions are high

Stacey asks Jack to help out with babysitting but he soon calls her over as he’s out of his depth.

To Jack’s surprise, Denise returns back home early from her holiday and wants to know what she’s missed whilst she’s been away.

However, she gets a right shock when she sees that Sam is staying with them. But, will she kick Sam out?

George and Elaine by the Christmas tree on The Square
Elaine gets festive (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Elaine’s Christmas plans take a turn

Elaine enjoys turning The Square into a festive paradise and asks her family to help her out.

However, things start to take a bad turn as not everything goes to plan. But, are Elaine’s Christmas plans salvageable?

Sonia looks annoyed as she talks to Reiss on EastEnders
The couple have some good news related to their IVF (Credit: BBC)

Sonia receives some good news

Sonia reveals some good news to Reiss, explaining that the IVF is going as expected at this stage of the treatment. But, will it continue to go as the couple hopes?

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