Lauren looking secretive on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street: Identity of Lauren’s mystery boyfriend ‘worked out’ by fans

Fans are worried about Lauren

Fans of Coronation Street have been theorising who Lauren Bolton‘s mystery boyfriend could be, following her scenes on the soap this week.

On Friday night’s episode (December 1), Shona accused Lauren of stealing money from the cafe. However, Lauren lashed back, claiming that she didn’t need the money as she now has a rich boyfriend.

This came after she attempted to give Max an expensive watch as a gift, and spoke of her mystery man taking out for a meal on the town.

But who is Lauren’s boyfriend?

Shona and Max talk to Lauren in the cafe on Corrie
Shona accused Lauren of stealing money from the cafe (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans speculate over Lauren’s mystery boyfriend… and it’s not good

Sharing their thoughts on Reddit, a number of fans shared their theories about where Lauren could be getting her money from. None of it, unfortunately, was good news for Lauren’s future.

“Many months ago, I read that she would be involved in a grooming storyline and that Bethany’s return would move the storyline along. My theory is that Bethany will recognize that Lauren is being groomed (based on her own experience) and intervene,” wrote one fan.

“I thought it was one of her dad’s friends exploiting her for sex. She mentioned her dad had made her sleep with his friends,” said another, referring to her father, Reece Bolton – an associate of extremist Griff Reynolds.

“I think she’s getting used by someone but doesn’t realise it as that’s what she’s used to,” said a third.

Others, however, had another thought.

“My take is she’s become a sex worker,” said one user – a sentiment echoed by others further down in the thread.

Lauren looking worried on Corrie
Lauren’s upbringing was not a happy one (Credit: ITV)

Who is Lauren Bolton – and who was her father?

Lauren comes from a history of abuse and exploitation. Her father, Reece, was a member of Griff’s gang of extremists. Her father supervised her abuse by his friends, forcing her to sleep with members of the gang.

As the gang fell apart and Griff and her father went to prison, Lauren remained in Weatherfield. After a trial shift at the cafe, she shocked Roy by attempting to repay his kindness with sexual favours.

Later, Ryan Connor discovered that she had created an Ovids account and was attempting to sell pornographic material online. When he told her to take the videos down, she tried to blackmail him over his affair with Daisy.

Most recently, Lauren has spoke of her rich boyfriend, giving her money and lavish gifts. Has Lauren’s exploitation continued?

Shona Sacks Lauren | Coronation Street

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