Daniel looks concerned; inset, a video of Daisy and Ryan (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel sees a video of Ryan and Daisy’s affair

Daniel can no longer deny the truth

Our Coronation Street spoilers can reveal that Daniel learns the truth about Ryan and Daisy’s affair when he intercepts a video of them talking about sex. But what will he do with this information?

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Crystal in the cafe with Daniel and Daisy on Corrie
Crystal tells Daniel and Daisy what she had planned for the future (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Crystal is conflicted by Ryan’s job opportunity

Ryan tells Crystal that he has a job interview with a local gym. Crystal hides her true feelings, telling him that she’s thrilled on his behalf.

Later, she tells Daisy and Daniel about Ryan’s new job. She reveals that she’s moving to Glasgow and had hoped Ryan would go with her.

She says that she values their opinion and wonders what she should do. But how will Daisy react?

Ryan and Daisy on Corrie
Ryan tells Daisy that he’s still in love with her (Credit: ITV)

Ryan confesses his feelings to Daisy

Later, Ryan tells Crystal that he still plans on going for the interview, as he wants to keep his options open. When he blanks Daisy in the cafe, Crystal demands to know what is going on between them.

Daisy tells her that nothing is going on – then goes around to see Ryan afterwards. She tells him that Crystal is suspicious.

Unaware that the camera is still running following his interview video practice, Ryan admits that he still has feelings for her. He says that the sex between them was fantastic.

When Simon suddenly returns home, Daisy makes herself scarce. Then, when Ryan goes to work, Simon spots the camera.

Daniel on his phone in Corrie
Simon sends Daniel a link to Ryan’s confession (Credit: ITV)

Daniel learns the truth about Ryan and Daisy

Daniel gets a message from Simon containing a video link. Clicking on the link, he sees Ryan and Daisy together. He is devastated to realise that they slept together.

However, Daniel later tells Simon that he has decided to move on and forget about Ryan and Daisy’s affair, comfortable in the knowledge that Daisy loves him.

Daniel puts on his coat as he talks to Daisy in the bistro on Corrie
Has Daniel snapped? (Credit: ITV)

But he suffers a setback when Ryan tells them he got the gym job and won’t be going to Glasgow after all.

Storming out of the bistro, Daniel lets himself into Ryan’s bedroom in the flat. But what does he have planned?

Ryan Tells Daniel He Loves Daisy | Coronation Street

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