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Coronation Street: Gemma could be suffering from Munchausen by proxy as fans work out what’s wrong with Joseph

What's wrong with Joseph?

Fans of Coronation Street think that they have worked out what could be wrong with Joseph Brown following his mystery illness on recent episodes of the soap – and it all connects to Gemma.

The Winter-Brown family have been thrown into chaos recently as young Joseph fell sick, with mum Gemma eventually taking the youngster to hospital. His symptoms have continued to worsen, amid headaches and fainting spells.

Last night’s episode (airing Friday, December 1) saw social services get involved – accusing Gemma of poisoning Joseph. Gemma was left reeling as the social worker crashed a family Christmas dinner, suggesting that Gemma may be behind her stepson’s ill health.

But what is wrong with Joseph?

Chesney and Joseph stand with a social worker, talking to Gemma
Social services have their own theories about Joseph’s sickness (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans ‘figure out’ Joseph mystery illness

As the episode aired, a number of Coronation Street fans shared their own theories on Joseph’s illness. Many thought that they had cracked the mystery.

Many wondered whether Gemma might be headed for a case of Munchausen by proxy – in which a caretaker makes up or causes real symptoms in a child to make them feel or appear sick.

“Is Gemma’s storyline heading towards Munchausen by Proxy?” asked one fan, writing on X as the scenes aired.

“Is Gemma going to be accused of Munchausen syndrome by proxy?” asked another.

“I wonder if that lavender drink is what makes Joseph worse?” said a third, picking up on a drink Gemma gave Joseph earlier in the week.

Hope looks angry on Corrie
Has Hope struck again? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fan suggests that Hope could be poisoning Joseph

Meanwhile, as fans speculated, another culprit for Joseph’s poisoning emerged – Hope Stape.

“So are we looking at Munchausen Syndrome by proxy on Gemma? I don’t think so because Joseph was sick before Gemma gave him the lavender oil. My guess is it’s Hope who is poisoning Joseph she the one with mental health issues,” one fan wondered.

Could there be any truth to the fans’ theories?

Joseph Is Rushed To Hospital | Coronation Street

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