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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Daisy confesses all to Daniel

Daisy can't keep her secret any longer

Our Coronation Street spoilers for next week can reveal that guilty Daisy confesses her affair with Ryan to Daniel. But with Daniel buying the Rovers in a last-ditch attempt to keep Daisy, how will he react?

Elsewhere, Crystal sets Ryan an ultimatum. And, as Audrey hands out Stephen’s belongings, Jenny and David both make shocking discoveries. But how will Sarah react when her parentage suddenly comes into doubt?

Meanwhile, Stu makes Dom an offer, and Evelyn continues to clash with menacing Terry. Has she bitten off more than she can chew with the dangerous dog owner?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers in full for these stories below.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Guilt-ridden Daisy comes clean as Daniel buys the Rovers

Daniel talks to Daisy on Corrie

Having spoken to the people at Waterfords, Daniel shows Daisy into the empty Rovers. He suggests that, rather than buying a flat, they buy the pub.

Daisy talking to Daniel on Corrie

Later, Jenny and Ken are thrilled to hear that Daisy and Daniel are buying the pub. But Daisy is thrown off when Daniel tells her he wants her to officially adopt Bertie next.

Daniel and Daisy talking at home on Corrie

Elsewhere, Ryan realises that Daniel knows about him and Daisy when when Daniel makes a snide comment about his gym job. He tells Daisy that he thinks Daniel sabotaged the job – explaining to her about the video.

Daisy and Ryan talking on Corrie

While Daisy thinks he might be overthinking things, she admits to sleeping with Ryan while filling in the adoption forms. She tries to convince Daniel she would never cheat again – but he’s devastated when she admits that she does love Ryan.

2. Crystal sets an ultimatum

Daisy and Daniel see Ryan and Crystal in the street on Corrie

The next day, Daisy tells Ryan that Daniel knows everything. But before Ryan can tell Crystal about his one-night stand with Daisy, Daniel storms into the Bistro.

Crystal and Ryan walk away from Daniel and Daisy on Corrie

As Daniel squares up, Ryan and Crystal leave. But with Daniel in hot pursuit, a fight soon breaks out.

Crystal walking with Ryan on Corrie

As they walk away, Crystal tells Ryan she’s prepared to give him another chance. She explains that she’s leaving for Glasgow in two days’ time – and it’s up to him if he wants to go with her.

What will Ryan decide to do?

3. Stu makes an offer Dom can’t refuse

Stu talking to his PI on Corrie

Stu meets up with his PI, Lesley. She reveals that Dom was done for dangerous driving in Germany, back in 2020.

Stu continues talking to his PI on Corrie

But what will Stu decide to do with this information?

Stu talks to Dom on Corrie

The next day, over lunch in the bistro, Stu interrogates Dom over his life in Germany. Stu offers Dom £10,000 to stay out of Eliza’s life.

Dom looks confused talking to Stu on Corrie

Soon afterwards, Dom calls at No.6 with Eliza. Confused, Eliza wonders why she needs all of her things when she’s only come to stay for a few days. How will she react when she learns the truth?

4. Jenny makes a find

Audrey talks to Jenny and Carla on Corrie

Audrey brings Stephen’s belongings to Jenny. She asks if there’s anything she’d like to keep. Jenny takes his laptop, explaining that she used to borrow it from time to time.

Later, she logs on to Stephen’s laptop looking for her list of suppliers. Meanwhile, Audrey refuses to bin the rest of Stephen’s things.

Jenny and Carla looking shocked on Corrie

Searching the files on Stephen’s laptop, Jenny finds a password-protected file called ‘Infinity Seagull Ventures’. Jenny and Carla take it to the police station, but Swain explains that they don’t have the resources to try and hack the password.

Jenny and Carla talking to Audrey on Corrie

But when Audrey calls into the Kabin with Stephen’s journal, Carla and Jenny realise that it could hold Stephen’s passwords.

5. David unearths a can of worms

David talks to Sarah on Corrie

Elsewhere, David suggests that Audrey should throw Stephen’s diary in the bin. However, Audrey won’t hear of it, and remains adamant that he wasn’t all bad.

Later, David studies Stephen’s journal. He is shocked to discover that Gail was initially unsure who Sarah’s father was.

Sarah looks shocked as David talks to her on Corrie

Later, David tells Sarah that Gail wasn’t sure who her dad was when she was born. As the family bicker, Gail tells them that she’s sick of all their in-fighting. She demands that they meet at 11.00am tomorrow morning to sort things out.

Will the truth about Sarah’s father be revealed?

6. Evelyn makes a dangerous enemy

Evelyn looks worried in the shop on Corrie

At No.9, Hope and Ruby fuss over the dog that Evelyn stole from thug Terry. They announce that they’ve decided to call her Taylor – after Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, Terry corners Evelyn in the precinct. She denies knowing anything about his dog.

Terry looks menacing on Corrie

Back on the street, Evelyn is horrified when she sees Cassie taking Taylor out for a walk, and hustles them back home. Meanwhile, Terry secretively watches from across the street.

Afterwards, Terry tracks down Evelyn to the shop. Flipping the sign on the door to ‘closed’, he locks them both inside.

Terry walking in the shop on Corrie

Terry menacingly advances on Evelyn, demanding to know where his dog is.

Terry menaces scared Evelyn on Corrie

When Dev finds the door locked, he and Gary try to break the door open. But will they be in time to save Evelyn from harm?

Terry talking to Tyrone on Corrie

The next day, Tyrone hopes that they’ve seen the last of Terry. However, his hopes are dashed when Terry calls at the garage.

He hands Tyrone his contact details, and tells him to return the dog by 6.00pm – otherwise he’ll regret it.

Terry talking to Tyrone on Corrie

Tyrone is shaken – knowing that Roy has already taken  the dog to the rescue centre. Horrified, Evelyn realises they’ve no choice but to collect the dog from the rescue centre and give her back to Terry.

When all is said and done, she fears that the police will be after her next for dognapping.

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