Nigel Farage embraces Frankie Dettori

I’m A Celebrity star Nigel Farage calls it a ‘fix’ as Frankie Dettori is voted out

Undermining voting with his behaviour?

I’m A Celebrity campmate Nigel Farage stirred the pot with a shock comment as the first star left the jungle last night.

Frankie Dettori became the first I’m A Celeb 2023 cast member to depart the ITV reality series due to viewer votes.

Fans saw Frankie (read his ED! profile here) lose out on Sunday (December 3) evening’s show as it came down to between the jockey and Nella Rose to go.

But as Frankie bade his farewells to the remaining celeb contestants, Nigel piped up with a dig which Frankie laughed off.

Nigel Farage sits
Nigel Farage ‘fix’ claim echoed online by Nella Rose detractors without evidence (Credit: YouTube)

I’m A Celebrity: Nigel Farage unhappy over Frankie’s exit

“This is a fix Frankie,” Nigel said, as other campmates chose not to acknowledge the comment.

“Good!” Frankie replied, as if humouring him.

“You were first in, and last out,” Nigel continued as Frankie moved on to embrace another jungle associate.

Frankie Dettori says goodbye
Frankie Dettori says goodbye as Nigel Farage has a word (Credit: ITV)

How viewers reacted to Nigel Farage ‘fix’ comments

The polarising former MEP simultaneously wound up those watching at home who have no wish to see him on their screens, and emboldened conspiracy theorists who parroted his comments.

“What the actual hell… Yes Nigel is right, it’s a fix! Wrong person left! #ImACeleb,” said one social media user.

Frankie Dettori looks miffed
Some of Nigel’s supporters couldn’t get their head around the IAC vote result (Credit: ITV)

Another Twitter user who indicated they are not a fan of Nella posted gleefully: “Loved how Nigel called how what it was straight away. ‘It is a fix Frankie, last in and first out” #ImACeleb #getnellaout.”

“Did I really just hear Nigel call a public vote a fix?! #ImACeleb,” chuckled someone else as they posted their observation, smothered in irony.

Did I really just hear Nigel call a public vote a fix?!

Meanwhile, someone else chipped in: “‘That was a fix’. Nigel, I beg you shut your mouth.”

ED! has contacted I’m A Celebrity for comment.

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I’m A Celebrity 2023 continues on ITV tonight, Monday December 4, at 9pm.

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