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Kerry Katona has a ‘hole’ in her nose from drug use as she prepares for op after being told ‘it could all collapse’

She said she's 'scared' about the procedure

Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona will undergo nose surgery after doctors warned it is “collapsing” following years of cocaine abuse.

Kerry, 43, opened up about the procedure on social media and told her fans how nervous she was about getting it done. According to The Mirror, it will be an eight-hour operation and will involve taking a piece of her rib to rebuild her septum.

The news comes after Kerry’s daughter DJ was rushed to hospital for an MRI scan after she suffered from fainting spells.

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Kerry shared an update on her nose procedure (Credit: Splash News)

Kerry Katona revealed details of her nose operation

She told her Instagram followers: “So I have damaged my nose from doing drugs. [The doctor] went: ‘Your nose is collapsing.’ So he said: ‘Do you want us to fix it for you?’ And I started crying because it was a massive 360 from where I was to where I am now. And I think, wow wow wow, okay I’ll get it fixed.”

Meanwhile, Kerry told OK! that the thought of her nose collapsing “deterred” her from taking any more drugs.

If I don’t have it done, it could collapse.

Sharing more details, Kerry said: “I actually have a hole in the middle of my nose from when I was doing all the cocaine. It softened the cartilage.”

She continued: “[The doctor] said that the older you get, the more your nose goes like that anyway. So this will fix it. It’s not a vanity thing at all – it’s a health thing because if I don’t have it done, it could collapse.”

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She also shed light on her dark past

Kerry previously admitted that her drug addictions spiralled during her marriage to Mark Croft. She was married to the taxi driver from 2007 to 2011 but Kerry has admitted that their relationship was “about coke”.

“I was using drugs as a coping mechanism and I don’t regret it. I’ve had many good times on drugs. I can’t regret it. I’ve got to accept it and move on from it. It is what it is. There are no mistakes, only lessons,” she explained.

She added she doesn’t do drugs any more. However, she admitted that she does “carry shame and guilt” about her addiction. “But my past does not define with a person, and it is my past!” she declared on Instagram.

“We all make mistakes, you know. I think this is a reward just to me to get it fixed, but I’m scared,” she said.

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