Will Santa find me? Kids worry Father Christmas can’t deliver presents if they go on festive holiday

Kids won't have to worry now!

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While you’re dreaming of a festive getaway, your child will probably be worrying about how exactly Father Christmas will find them to give them their presents.

As parents have been plotting their winter sun breaks, their cocktails on the beach, or their day on the slopes over Christmas, their kids have got their eyes on the prize. As a result, they’re worried about what that means for their gifts this year. So how will Santa know where to find them?

Santa and easyJet employees
easyJet are launching a new project (Credit:

Kids concerned Santa can’t deliver presents

New research has revealed nearly three-quarters (71%) of children flying away this Christmas are worried that Santa won’t be able to find them. And this is even if they made the nice list.

According to research of 2,000 British parents and their children by easyJet, parents have their own concerns and are worried they’ll be on Santa’s naughty list with nine in 10 (91%) terrified that they’ll forget to pack their children’s Christmas stockings when they jet off.

With over 200,000 bookings for families set to fly during the festive season, the airline is installing special post boxes at its major airports across the UK and Europe this December. This is so the kids can give Santa an update on where they’ll be.

easyJet pilots and crew will be flying children’s letters directly to Santa in Lapland this Christmas.

Kid putting a letter in an orange postbox in the airport
Kids can now send Santa a letter at the airport (Credit:

easyJet to help kids out

From today, young travellers passing through London Gatwick, London Luton, Bristol, and Manchester airports will have the opportunity to drop off their letters via easyJet’s orange post boxes in the airport terminal ahead of the big day.

The airline is also providing a special letter collection service to local schools near its UK airports too.

Christmas is a magical time for families.

The letters will be delivered on easyJet’s flights from across the UK and Europe directly to Rovaniemi in Lapland, the home of Santa Claus. There, they will be hand-delivered to Santa. And, as a result, ensuring a magical way for children to have their wishes arrive safely regardless of where they’ll be this Christmas.

The research also revealed the lengths parents will go to to ensure a magical Christmas wherever they are spending it. Nine in 10 (93%) parents say they have packed treats for Santa to take on holiday. These include carrots, cookies and Scotch. Lucky Santa!

Kid putting a letter in an orange postbox in the airport
The postboxes can be found in airports (Credit:

Brits celebrating Christmas abroad

As a result, nearly all Brits (98%) travelling abroad will make an effort to find events and festive activities to ensure their children feel the magic of the festive season.

easyJet Pilot Hannah Wells is set to deliver letters from the UK to Lapland later this month. She said: “Christmas is a magical time for families. Travelling somewhere festive, for some winter sun, or to see friends and family can make it extra special. We hope our Letters to Santa postal service will bring some extra magic to the thousands of families travelling with us around the holidays and to schools in our local airport communities. Our fantastic cabin crew will be making sure that even more wishes are hand delivered to Santa in time for Christmas.”

Some surprising requests children make in their letters to Santa, according to British parents:

  • Banning broccoli
  • A device that translates meows from cats
  • A pet whale
  • A lifetime supply of chocolate
  • Asking for a new planet
  • Never ending supply of cake
  • Wanting Father Christmas to steal the sprouts from Christmas dinner
  • Real ladders and pet snakes to play real-life ‘snakes and ladders’ game
  • A flying unicorn
  • No more homework

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easyJet's in-flight grotto with Captain Claus

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