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From Masters degree to no tattoos: Woman sparks outrage for shocking list of requirements for babysitter


A woman has sparked outrage on Reddit for a shocking list of requirements for a babysitter.

The woman’s baffling list has found its way to Reddit and been mocked. Rightfully.

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A mum-of-four has a whole list of requirements to babysit her kids (Credit: Pexels)

Woman’s shock list of requirements for a babysitter

A woman has gone viral for her bizarre requirements for a babysitter.

The mum-of-four, presumably in America, was looking for a babysitter to look after her children, aged two, three, five, and seven.

In a poster entitled, BABYSITTER NEEDED ASAP, the mum made it known that whoever would be looking after her kids would be doing so between 12pm-6pm. Pretty standard stuff.

That’s where the normality ends, unfortunately.

List of requirements include…

The poster then has a list of requirements for the new babysitter.

First things first, they must be a “great” cook. Being a good cook just won’t cut it for this lady, unfortunately. The prospective babysitter also needs to be an “avid” cleaner. Anyone whose number one pastime isn’t cleaning should probably not bother applying.

Bafflingly, the mother also requires whoever’s babysitting her children to have a Master’s degree at the minimum. What?!

They’re not allowed to have a social media account either, because “I don’t need my kids seeing that”.

Woman with head in hands (Credit: Pexels)
Same (Credit: Pexels)

What else is required?

As well as all this, the babysitter isn’t allowed to smoke, vape, or drink. They’re not allowed to have tattoos, and they need at least 5 professional references.

The mother also revealed that background and drug tests will be conducted too.

And for all that, the job only pays $200. Seems a lot more hassle than it’s worth, to be honest.

Additionally, whoever is babysitting will need access to their own transportation too.

Reddit users rightfully mocked the advert. “With these qualifications, they should pay at least $1000 bruh,” one wrote.

“She want a maid, nanny and chef,” another said. “Tammy has standards and they’re very high,” a third said.

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